VST Pure-Sinus 600W Power Inverter 12V/230V
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VST Pure-Sinus 600W Power Inverter 12V/230V

Mere information
  • VST Pure-Sinus inverters can handle all types of 230V appliances in the car (refrigerators, drills, chargers, etc.). Furthermore, the inverters are electronically protected against short-circuits and overloads, thus avoiding broken products, which is a well-known risk when using modified sine inverters.

    • Made with the best components with the highest reliability 
    • Uses advanced dual CPU chip with indirect control technology 
    • Cooling fan is controlled by the CPU, which ensures the promised life and ensures minimal power consumption and improves efficiency 
    • Pure sine wave output


    • Jævnstrøm DC: 12V
    • Voltage: 10-15VDC
    • No load - power consumption: 0.5A
    • Efficiency: >90%


    • AC voltage: 230V
    • 2x AC outlets
    • Persistent: 600W
    • Short-term peak load: 1.200W
    • Pure sinewavebølge-output
    • Frequency: 50hz
    • AC regulation: 3%

    Protection and general info

    • Too low power alarm: 10.5DC (±0.5V)
    • Too low power: turns off automatically at 10.0DC (±0.5V)
    • If too many volts: turns off automatically at 15.5V
    • If overheated: turns off automatically for output
    • Dimensions: 230 x 142 x 65 mm.
    • Net weight (kg): 1.0
    • Connection: Heavy Duty Mounting terminals 
    • Start: soft start
    • Cooling: intelligent colling-fankølings-blæser
    • Built-in USB charging for mobile phones etc.

    Mounting time
    Estimated: 1.5 hours
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