Ampire 2-kanals headset HP-401
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  • For use with the 2-channel radio transmitter HPX401 from AMPIRE and others on the market. High-quality, closed 2-channel wireless stereo headphone with space-saving Fold-Flat technology and with clear and balanced audio. The major advantage of radio transmission is the range and unlimited number of receivers (headphones). That's why radio systems are often used in coaches. It must also not be in line of sight to the transmitter are made as infrared headphones. The optional radio transmitter HPX401 can be installed hidden in the vehicle.

    The completely redesigned headband is suitable for both adults and children. It is lightweight and very comfortable padding and wireless. The headset is characterized by its simple and easy to use. Over 80 hours of great sound (with normal use and fresh alkaline batteries). The automatic power-saving mode extends battery life, the unit switches off automatically. Rotary controls for individual adjustment of the volume and a mute button.

    In addition, the HP401 has a 3.5mm jack you can connect to the cable provided with each headphone output of an MP3 or DVD player. This feature is ideal if you want to conserve battery power, or they should be empty.

    - System: Dual Channel UHF radio transmission
    - Range: up to 50m omnidirectional
    - Carrier frequency Channel A: 863.5 MHz.
    - Carrier frequency Channel B: 864.5 MHz.
    - AUX inpu