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PM2652W-MB Sort Punch Marine 6.5" Fuldtone Mini-Wakeboard Tower (1 stk)

Mere information
  • The PM2652W-MB is a Punch 6.5" 2-way mini can speaker enclosure designed for motorsport cages featuring Element Ready™ weather proofing technologies. Supplied in all black with a stainless steel sport grille.

    Rockford Fosgate's Element Ready™ design takes into account the devastating effects of the outdoor environment and takes extreme measures to ensure optimum performance.

    The PM2652W-MB is a black 6.5" Element Ready™ speaker loaded into a sealed enclosure. The speaker features a 6.5" woofer and 1" bridge mounted tweeter and is protected by a stainless steel grille. The enclosure is high density poly-ethylene and is treated with UV inhibitors and conform to industry UV and water exposure standards. Optional clamp available for near 360° rotational mounting capability for unlimited flexibility.

    High density poly-ethylene enclosure with UV inhibitors
    Near 360° rotational mounting capability for unlimited flexibility
    Includes safety lanyard
    Comes loaded with PM2652B Marine Speakers
    Available in Black only
    Optional C-clamp available fits bar sizes 25,4 mm – 50,8 mm /  1" – 2"