Power Marine 750 watt Klasse-BR Mono Forstærker
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TM750X1BD Marine Power 500 watt Klasse-BR Mono Forstærker

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  • TM750X1bd

    Class BR Mono Forstærker

    1 x 500/750/750 Watts RMS @ 4/2/1 Ohms

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    The Power TM750X1bd 750 Watt mono, ultra-compact amplifier is built on Rockford Fosgate’s patented Class bd technology platform. This design creates a highly efficient design that reduces the electrical impact on the vehicles charging system by using the efficient Class D technology while maintaining fidelity combining it with Class b topology. Flexible vehicle integration is achieved via a configurable input harness with Molex style connectivity that accepts both RCA and speaker level signals while our differential input circuitry eliminates signal noise from entering the amplifier resulting in a clean audio signal.
    When using speaker level input signals, the amplifier also has integrated auto turn-on capabilities and converts its remote input terminal to an output that can be used to turn-on additional amplifiers. This can eliminate the need of sourcing a separate remote turn-on signal for the amplifier from the vehicle. Top mounted controls allow easy access to the built-in low pass crossover, patented Punch EQ boost circuit and our patented C.L.E.A.N. input/output clip detection circuits.
    The 3-stage thermal lock extrusion with dual fan forced induction keeps everything cool while our real-time thermal/protection schemes safeguard the amplifier in the event of overheating or short circuit conditions. The unit is also compatible with our Punch PLC2 remote level controller and is ideal for those installations where you need a compact amplifier that can produce high output power.


    • Class bd Technology
    • Rockford Fostgate proprietary low impedance constant power
    • Differential inputs with high level auto turn-on feature
    • Upgraded RCA connectors
    • 8 AWG spring compression wiring terminal
    • AP remote out feature when using high level inputs
    • 2013 PLC2 remote ready
    • C.L.E.A.N. input/output clip detection and indicator LEDs
    • Top mounted controls
    • Dual fan